Development Status And Forming Equipment Of Car Covers

  The automobile cover is a surface or internal part which covers the engine, the chassis, the metal sheet made of the cab and the body. According to functions and parts can be divided into external coverage, internal covering and skeleton covering three categories. They have different characteristics in process design, die processing, equipment selection and quality control (dimensional tolerance, shape accuracy, part stiffness, surface quality), etc.Car Covers

  The basic process of stamping forming of automobile cover parts are: blanking, bending, drawing, trimming, punching, flanging, shaping, etc. (see table). Typical structure of the automobile covering parts generally need $number road process, and can be combined according to the needs of some processes, such as blanking drawing, trimming punching, flanging and other plastic.Car Covers

  Finite element analysis of automobile panel forming process with nonlinear theory, with the rapid development of finite element method and computer technology, the numerical simulation technology of sheet metal stamping forming, which integrates computer graphics, numerical calculation method and plastic forming theory, is gradually moving towards industrial practical stage, which becomes a powerful tool for automobile manufacturer to shorten the development cycle and reduce the production cost.Car Covers

  Has formed the commercialization of sheet metal stamping forming numerical simulation software are: Pam-Stamp, Dnaform, Auto: Form and so on. These software have a complete front and rear processing program, can visually display material deformation, flow of detailed process, understanding of the material stress, strain distribution and wrinkling, rupture of the formation of the past, and finally to obtain the required load and parts of the Kongxiu edge Springback.

  For the complex shape of large-scale automotive panel drawing forming: The process is usually used 000 000kN wide and double dynamic press, while the other forming processes are using a wide-table single dynamic pressure machine. Automobile panel forming is a large batch of production, in order to improve production efficiency, stable production quality, general use of stamping production line. The equipment of stamping production line is arranged according to the process flow, that is to take the double dynamic press as the head, $number the single dynamic press and other auxiliary equipment (feeding, blanking, transferring, and so on) together.Car Covers