Features Of Beach Chairs

   Beach chairs can also be called folding chairs, or leisure chairs, the main feature of which is to be able to fold, carry convenient, so as to become a necessary equipment for travelers.

   Specifications: mainly divided into 4 models, that is, large, medium, small, special trumpet, size from the special small to large in turn 32, 37, 42, 49. Fabric: Fabric with 600D waterproof oxford cloth. Bracket: the diameter of 14mm wall thickness 1.0mm Steel pipe. Max load bearing: 120Kg.Beach Chair


1. After contraction, small size, easy to carry.Beach Chair

2. The overall design is based on engineering mechanics, so that the point of the force evenly.

3. Fasteners Using ABS Engineering Plastics, more substantial wear-resisting.

4. The support design fully utilizes the triangle stability principle, causes the overall stability not to sway.

5. Each of the various major features are reinforced by the dermis, more durable.

6. Fabric using two-layer PU coating oxford cloth, wear-resistant anti-aging, tear resistance, waterproof performance, fully consider the characteristics of outdoor applications.Beach Chair

7. Next to the small table. Convenient for outdoor water cups, small objects.

   Application Range: Home sitting, fishing, outdoor travel, self-driving travel, wilderness adventure, outdoor sketching ...