About The Type Of Boat Cover

   Types of ship hatch covers:Boat Cover

   First, the ship open-air deck on the cargo compartment opening of the lid, usually steel, used to ensure the cargo compartment of the opening of the close, common folding, side open, hanging off and so on.Boat Cover

   Second, the folding cover: the hatch is divided into a number of blocks, between the hinges or other equipment connected to rely on flip and folding to open and close the mechanical hatch cover. Its cover often in pairs, so the number of hatch covers even more. The number of blocks is dependent on the length of the hatch and the space between the hatchways. The cover plate usually has a flat roof, the girders are bowed downwards and are offset from the position of the adjacent girders in order to be able to fit each other to reduce the length of the collection. Its positioning by the connecting device to ensure that it is not necessary to set the guide drag device, but the need to create a guide roller slope, so that the cover plate roller in the closing process will not be due to contact with the roller track surface and the whole cabin cover overturned, the other The accessory is similar to a rolling hatch. According to the collection of points are high collection type and low collection close type two. The former is the cabin cover stored in the hatch coin above, from one to two pairs of cabinets connected into a pair of one-way or open upright stored in the hatch end, the collection height, length is small, suitable for hatch between The length of the short and highly unrestricted on board; the latter for the multi-fold more than the cover, the cover between the plates through the chain or connecting rod. The cover is moved to the storage position on the rail below the hatch coaming or the hinge arm is hinged on the deck hinge. Requires a collection of high collection and roll between the hatch between the cover for the length of the collection is not limited and highly limited open deck long hatches. Folding hatch commonly used cable drive, the use of cargo machinery or dedicated hydraulic winch drive opening and closing. In recent years, more use of self-powered hydraulic hinge opening and closing.Boat Cover

   Third, the role:

1, to ensure that the goods are not subject to loss;

2, to ensure that the hull watertight;

3, can be low resistance to large cargo pressure.Boat Cover