Beach Chair

                The beach chair is a kind of leisure chair. Beach chairs can be divided into cloth beach chairs, leisure beach chairs, outdoor beach chairs, folding beach chairs, leather, stainless steel, plastic and other materials, outdoor leisure and indoor rest comfortable chair. And the production of leisure beach chairs are generally pure hand-woven, because the use of more soft, give people feel comfortable generous, breathable good, more and more owners favor. Outdoor beach chairs are not only for casual people to bring convenient chair tools, but also a beautiful scenery in the city.Beach Chair

                If you have the habit of putting your hands down, you may choose a chair with lower armrest or no armrest. If you like to shrink the whole person in the middle of the chair, then, the higher armrest, the deeper seat of the chair, is probably the best choice.Beach Chair

                 For those who like "sit", in addition to the choice of no armrest, back stool, you can also choose low armrest and low back chair, at this time the center of the seat will be placed in person's waist buttocks; it may be better to choose a chair with a higher back, at this time to see if the height of the backrest is near the neck, sometimes in a chair near the neck, instead letting the user habitually place the neck at a 90-degree angle on the back, In this way, it is easy to cause cervical injury.Beach Chair