Beach Chair Feasibility Report

            In the feasibility study of the beach Chair project, from the angle of saving resources and protecting the environment, follow the "innovation, advanced, reliable, practical, efficiency" guidelines, in strict accordance with advanced technology, low energy consumption, low pollution, control of investment requirements, to ensure that the Beach Chair Project Advanced Technology, quality, ensure progress, save investment, improve efficiency, full use of mature, advanced experience, to achieve cost reduction, improve economic efficiency goals. The Beach Chair Project Feasibility Study report is formulated in accordance with the following principles.Beach Chair

            1, the aim is to comprehensively and objectively reflect the actual situation, the use of advanced production technology, the economic benefits as the center, saving resources to improve the utilization of resources, to do a good job of energy-saving emission reduction, in the use of advanced applicable technology, while the investment cost control. In order to provide a reliable basis for investment decision-making, we should make detailed argumentation and comparison with realistic and scientific attitude.

            2, conscientiously implement the national Industrial Policy and enterprise energy-saving design norms, and strive to make rational use of energy and energy conservation. In-depth market research, closely tracking product market trends, the use of advanced technology and efficient equipment, strengthen the measurement management, improve the level of automation control equipment to ensure that the project has a good economic and development prospects.Beach Chair

            3, combined with the current situation of project construction, give full play to the potential of local public works, in line with the principle of saving investment, maximize the use of existing public works facilities.Beach Chair

            4, according to the actual situation of the construction unit and the area, rationally formulate the product plan and process route, fully embody the advanced technology of the equipment, safe and secure operation, adhere to the principle of moderate investment economy.

             5, according to the location of the plant site, topography, topography, meteorology, transportation and other conditions and safety, protection of the environment, the principle of land conservation to decorate; at the same time follow the national security, fire and other relevant norms, to achieve straight process, material pipeline short, public works facilities centralized layout, as close to the load center, reduce energy saving investment.Beach Chair

            6, through the construction of the beach Chair project, and strive to improve the overall technical level and equipment level of the factory, to enhance the overall economic strength of enterprises, so that enterprises fully into the track of sustainable development.Beach Chair