Beach Chair Related Shopping Tips

    Shopping tips for beach chairs
     1, the depth of the beach chair: Generally speaking, in a more formal situation, people's posture is very directly, more people like to sit in front of the chair than "shallow" position. However, if you are at home, you may be sitting deep in a relaxed situation, and the whole person is trapped in a chair. At the time of purchase, you can sit and watch, try to sit down the whole body of the depth of the feeling, you can know whether it is in balance with public and private needs.
    2, beach Chair foot height: the height of the foot of the beach chair is related to the length of the user's leg, except for the Chair-like high chair, the seat height of the general chair is not too exaggerated, but if there is a small or young child in the home, it should be taken into account.Beach Chair
    3, the height of the armrest of the beach chair: If you have the habit of putting your hands down, you may choose a chair with lower armrest or no armrest. If you like to shrink the whole person in the middle of the chair, then, the higher armrest, the deeper seat of the chair, is probably the best choice.
    4, the height of the beach chair back "" for the person who likes "sit", in addition to can choose No armrest, backrest of stool, also can choose low armrest and low backrest chair, at this point the seat will be placed on the waist of the person's hips, if you like to focus on the back and therefore rely on the backrest, then may wish to choose a higher chair, at this time can also look at the height of the backrest around the neck, sometimes height near the neck of the chair, Instead let the user habitually put the neck at a 90 degree angle on the back, so that it is easy to cause damage to the cervical spine.Beach Chair
    5, the slope of the beach chair: The tilt of the back of the chair and the soft comfort of the "extras" should also be taken into account. The slope of the chair is 90 degrees, and most of the chairs are slightly more than 90 degrees, so that the center of gravity is slightly backward and the whole person can sit comfortably in the chair. A chair with a large leisure function, which is more inclined, makes people seem like lying on a chair.Beach Chair
    6, beach chair softness: cushion and backrest softness is comfortable, if do not attach cushion, cushion chair, directly look at the hardness of the material itself, "additional part" to pay attention to the use of the internal filler, and test the feeling after sitting up.Beach Chair
    7, the stability of the beach chair: from the detail part of the chair structure, you can know the stability of the Chair, such as mortise, screws and other joint inspection, are very important. The proposal should be purchased by the user to try to sit and see, and slightly shake the body, to realize the stability of the Chair. For Leisure beach chair shopping skills, more practical and convenient is the above several. Today, the structure of the beach chair and selection of materials and other major businesses are similar, the choice of brand is guaranteed. In fact, the purchase of beach chairs do not need too much effort, more attention to detail can be.