Boat Anchor

               The upper and lower structures are anchors, bolts, anchors, anchors, anchors, and the symmetrical portions of the sides are called anchor claws. The anchor Claw is the most important part of anchoring into the soil, and when the ship breaks down, the anchor is anchored to the bottom of the anchor chain. At the bottom of the water, the anchor Claw will contact the bottom of the water, as the anchor wrist's plane will be perpendicular to the bottom.Boat Anchor

               The large grip anchor is actually a kind of pole-shifted claw anchor, because it has a great grasping weight ratio, so it is called the big grasping anchor. This type of anchor is characterized by the large area of the soil of the anchor claw, the deep and much grasping of the bottom mass, the special person, but the anchor claw is easy to pull bad, the collection is inconvenient. There are anchors, Danforth anchors, yacht anchors, Starr anchors and anchor anchors in large-force anchors.

               Markov anchor: The structure characteristic of the horse's anchor is the large anchor claw, and the stabilizer is in the middle of the claw, in order to prevent the rock from being jammed and the anchor claw cannot rotate, the inside of the claw is curved. The anchorage has two types of welding and casting forms. Both types of anchors are commonly used in China.

               Danforth Anchor: Similar to a horse's anchor, only the stabilizer is arranged at the top of the anchor. The weight ratio of the anchor is particularly large, about 3 times times that of the Navy anchor.

               Shide Ling Anchor: The structure of the stabilizer is designed to tilt, and the distance between the two claws, in order to prevent the anchor claw by gravel stuck.Boat Anchor

               Yacht Anchor: Therefore, the name of thinking, is the use of the anchor boat, its structure is characterized by two claws closer, the bar mounted in the outside of the claw, the anchor is smaller. The grip of the anchor is great, but the beams are easy to bend.Boat Anchor

               Starr Anchor: It is a new type of large grab anchor, the weight ratio is as high as 15-20. The anchor Claw is very lenient, the bar is located at the anchor Crown, and the welding form is used. Unlike other anchors, there is a detachable wedge to change the angle of the claw rotation.Boat Anchor