Boat Anchor And Shifting System Of Pipe-laying Vessel

                The pipe-laying vessels are mainly engaged in the construction of marine pipelines. The mooring system has the same characteristics as other mooring systems: to restrict the movement of the hull when not self-sailing; But on the other hand, there are different characteristics of mooring system: anchoring and shifting-laying vessel to ensure the smooth operation of the ship, while restricting the low speed and steady running of the hull, it is necessary to realize the hull motion by controlling the shift winch. It is very necessary to analyze the mooring displacement system of the pipe-laying vessel because of the external environmental factors and its own anchoring and shifting system which has great influence on the construction operation of the pipe-laying vessel. The mooring system of a pipe-laying ship is a complex system with multiple anchors.Boat Anchor

                Because the anchorage cable is different from the rigid beam, it is not suitable to be analyzed and calculated by the linear theory, so the single chain characteristic of the cable is analyzed by using catenary theory under static condition. On this basis, considering the mutual confinement and mutual coupling between the cables, the unknown external forces of the multi-chain mooring system after the known displacements have been studied. The influence of different mooring numbers on the stability of ship was discussed. With the increase of water depth, the influence of anchor cable on dynamic factors tends to be obvious, so the dynamic response of flow force to single strand is studied in this paper. The effect of the elongation of the anchor cable on the actual position of the hull was analyzed. Under the wave condition, the hull will produce six degrees of freedom, and this paper discusses the effect of the horizontal tension on the chain end.Boat Anchor

                 The pipe-laying vessel will be positioned frequently according to the construction requirements. If manual control is time-consuming and laborious, it is necessary to automate the mooring system. Under this premise, this paper constructs the mooring system in construction, deduces the formula of the quantity of the rope in the construction and rectification. In this paper, the program block diagram of the programming is given, and the reliable results are obtained with the example. Finally, the future development direction of mooring shift system is prospected.Boat Anchor