Car Covers

             A car cover structure, which connects the outer plate and the inner plate to each other on the edge part to form a cover, and in a position away from the edge part, a joint part for connecting the outer plate and the inner plate is characterized in that the bending part is arranged on the inner plate and is roughly parallel with the direction of the edge part, and each bending part is arranged close to each other.Car Covers

            Automobile rear cover Assembly sample frame design (CATIA), white body manufacturing dimension quality control process, mainly uses the sample frame, three coordinate measuring machine (CMM), on-line three coordinate measuring machine (OCMM) to carry on the examination. Compare the three, the sample frame and CMM measured the data "the point is much less" (measuring point is many, each day has 1 to 2 data), while the OCMM measured the data "the point is small many" (measured point is relatively small, each measuring point has 200 data each day). The method of soft measurement can make the CMM measurement data and OCMM measurement data complement each other, and achieve the purpose of accurately evaluating the quality of body manufacture.Car Covers

              A car panel structure features: 1 large size. Automobiles are the larger industrial products of consumer goods. The car cover is a part that covers the engine and chassis to form a car body. Therefore, the size of its structural size depends on the size of the body block. From the functional point of view of the overlay itself, the bigger the better. From the perspective of the overall manufacturing process of the body, the bigger the better. Therefore, the size of the covering structure is generally larger. 2 sheet thin. In order to reduce the vehicle weight, the panel selection of the panel is relatively thin. Thick is a relative concept. The ratio of the perimeter (m) and the sheet thickness (mm) of the covering is generally above 1.00. The thickness of the covering material is generally between 0.6 mm to 1.2 mm. 3 shapes are complex. In order to meet the needs of function and aesthetics, automotive panels are generally composed of three-dimensional regular surface and irregular surface composite surface.Car Covers