Car Covers Of The Cold Die

The main part of the car mold is the cover mold. This type of mold is mainly cold die. Broadly speaking, "car mold" is the manufacture of all parts of the car mold in general. For example, stamping dies, injection molds, forging dies, casting wax molds, glass molds and so on. People say that the car, first appeared in front of the car body. That is, the car body is the logo of the car assembly. The body represents the image of the car.Car Covers

Top cover flanging mold, beam reinforced plate pressure die and so on. The stamping parts on the car body are generally divided into covers, beams and general stamping parts. The stamping parts that can express the characteristics of the car image are car covers. Therefore, more specifically the car mold can be said to be "car cover stamping die." Referred to as car cover die. For example, the front door outside the plate repair.Car Covers

The car mold is a general term for making all the parts of the car. The stamping die is a mold for punching all the stamping parts on the car. The automobile body stamping die is a mold for punching all the stamping parts on the car body. The automotive panel stamping die is a mold for punching all the panels on the car body. Now we have a plate that a car mold seems to refer to the car cover die. In order not to be confused with the broad sense of the car die, it is best to use the car cover when the stall die without a car die. Stamping die in many forms, die also according to the nature of work, mold structure, mold materials to three categories.Car Covers

A mold that separates a material from a closed or open contour. Such as blanking mold, punching die, cutting die, cutting die, trimming die, cutting and so on. The bending mold causes the sheet blank or other blank to be bent and deformed along a straight line (bending line) to obtain a mold of a workpiece of an angle and shape. Forming die is the rough or semi-finished workpiece according to figure convex, concave mold shape directly copy forming, and the material itself only produces local plastic deformation of the mold. Such as bulging mold, necking die, flaring mold, undulating forming mold, flanging mold, plastic mold and so on.Car Covers