Car Tank Cover

             The car tank is not open? How to open the car tank cover, I believe many owners have encountered this situation, recommend several methods to solve the car tank cover how to open. To know how the hood of the car is opened, first we need to know the structure of the car's tank cap. The modern car's trunk, the fuel tank cover generally can in the cab long-distance control its switch operation, this function to the vehicle owner to bring the extremely convenient, but when they appear the fault, often will make the vehicle owner helpless, causes the very big trouble. Generally speaking, the trunk and the cab are separated by the rear seats, so as long as the back seat is removed from the cab into the trunk, after entering the trunk, as long as the screwdriver to push or turn the door movable parts, door lock can be opened.Car Covers

If the tank cover is not open, you can start with the trunk. First, remove the liner that covers the tank in the trunk, and the liner is usually fixed by a plastic clamp that can be easily pried open with a screwdriver.               After removing the inner liner, you can see the lock mechanism of the oil tank lid, and you can see the oil tank cap pull line for long-distance operation, as long as pull the pull line, the tank lid can be opened. If it does not work, you can press the movable part of the locking mechanism, while pulling the pull line, the lid of the tank will be opened easily. Some models have a special switch on the locking mechanism, and the switch tank lid can be opened.Car Covers

              The lid is required to use the key to open the correct steps: Parking, flameout, pull the key, open the external fuel tank cover, insert the key to the right 90 degrees, hold the lid to the left twist, the tank lid has been opened. Remember to twist the oil tank cover to the left to make a little effort to open, in addition to the tank cover when the key is not used, directly screwed on the line, if the operation is not skilled, or to practice several times.Car Covers