Description Of Specific Types Of Boat Anchor

The anchor with a bar is a rod anchor. This type of anchor is characterized by an anchor claw in the ground, when the anchor in the seabed towing, the bar can prevent the anchor claw tilting, play a stabilizing role. There are navy anchors, anchor bolts, single claw anchor and Japanese anchor in the rod anchor.Boat Anchor 

Navy Anchor: It is a typical pole anchor with the longest time, also known as common anchor. This kind of anchor grip is big, can hold all kinds of soil stably, but it is inconvenient to do, the modern large ship does not need to be the main anchor, only on sailing boat and small inland river ship to make the main anchor, Navy's life-boat and engineering ship, can make the work anchor use.Boat Anchor

The anchor is a naval anchor that the anchor Claw can rotate. In use, when one claw is buried, the other claw is able to move to the anchor handle and snap. The anchor is easier to use than the Navy anchor, but the grip is smaller than the Navy anchor, with only one bolt attached to the bolt, and the safety is poor. It can only be used in sailing boats and inland river ships, the anchor weight is generally not more than a ton.Boat Anchor

Hall anchor: The hall anchor is the first generation of modern standard rod-free claw anchors. This kind of anchor is easy to make, collection is convenient, grasping dint is bigger, catch sex is good. is the main anchor selection of large and medium-sized ships, China likes to use this anchor. Spek Anchor: It is an improved type of Hall anchor, and its structure is characterized by the anchorage Crown Plate and reinforced rib. Therefore, the claw of this kind of anchor is easy to turn to the ground, the stability is better, and the collection does not bruise the ship outer board and so on.Boat Anchor 

The large grip anchor is actually a kind of pole-shifted claw anchor, because it has a great grasping weight ratio, so it is called the big grasping anchor. This type of anchor is characterized by the large area of the soil of the anchor claw, the deep and much grasping of the bottom mass, the special person, but the anchor claw is easy to pull bad, the collection is inconvenient. There are anchors, Danforth anchors, yacht anchors, Starr anchors and anchor anchors in large-force anchors.Boat Anchor

Danforth Anchor: Similar to a horse's anchor, only the stabilizer is arranged at the top of the anchor. The weight ratio of the anchor is particularly large, about 3 times times that of the Navy anchor. Shide Ling Anchor: The structure of the stabilizer is designed to tilt, and the distance between the two claws, in order to prevent the anchor claw by gravel stuck. Yacht Anchor: Therefore, the name of thinking, is the use of the anchor boat, its structure is characterized by two claws closer, the bar mounted in the outside of the claw, the anchor is smaller. The grip of the anchor is great, but the beams are easy to bend.Boat Anchor