Description Of The Application Area Of Boat Anchor

In the fierce competition in the field of ship transportation, the demand for energy saving has been increasing, prompting the AC drive to be widely used in fan, winch, main propeller, rudder propeller and various special conditions. For various types of water conveyance from luxury cruise ships, freighters to small working boats are so.Boat Anchor

The reliability of marine equipment is a key problem, and the vibration, damp and salt may cause damage to the mechanical and electrical components of the marine equipment. The sudden collapse of the system will result in huge losses, as well as high maintenance costs and a great threat to security. In order to ensure the trouble-free operation of marine equipment, system components and materials need to be selected according to special requirements. Although the standard of ship application is very strict, it is not an obstacle. Inverter products load capacity and shockproof performance are in line with the requirements of the ship application, another major advantage is that all inverter products are used fire and corrosion-resistant cable.Boat Anchor

Rely on experienced team of experts, a wealth of expertise and on-site experience, and combined with the global range of well-known systems integrators and OEM manufacturers to further improve the ship's application of the concept of transmission to ensure that through the most simple planning and optimization of the technology to complete the installation of each project. Ship application solutions include a range of air-cooled and water-cooled standard inverters, all of which meet the requirements of all types of marine standards and are accompanied by a test report at the time of shipment.Boat Anchor

There are separable power units and control units, and can provide air-cooled and water-cooled two power unit cooling mode, although the two cooling methods used in the same control unit, but the power unit of water-cooled inverter with a special design, all need to cool the components are installed in the special design of aluminum cooling parts, Compared with the traditional air-cooled drive.Boat Anchor