Design Component Of Automobile Car Covers

     Traditional product design is generally "from scratch" process, designers first conceived the shape of products, performance and general technical parameters, and then use CAD to build a three-dimensional digital model of the product, the final model into the manufacturing process, is based on the existing product model, reverse the introduction of product design data, including design drawings and digital models, through reverse engineering to reproduce the physical CAD model, so that those based on the physical production of products may be in the design and manufacture of the process, the full use of CAD, CAM and other advanced technology. Car Covers

     Because the reverse engineering implementation can in a very short time accurately and reliably copy the physical samples, called "Reverse engineering" (reverseengineering), also known as reverse engineering.Car Covers

In the connection process, the general is the first to connect the feature line point, after the connecting section point.      Even the dotted line points are as proud as possible to minimize error and smooth, before the connection should be reasonable planning, according to the shape and characteristics of the car to determine how to divide the surface, in order to determine which points should be connected, and to the future of the surface method to do well, the error of the connection is generally controlled under 0.4 mm. Wiring to achieve a targeted, according to the shape of the sample, the characteristics of the approximate method to determine the texture, so as to determine the need to connect which lines, not to connect which lines.Car Covers

     Because the body requires a smooth appearance, smooth surface, so in the construction of the surface, to be divided into several surfaces, especially to ensure that the surface and face can be tangent continuous or continuous curvature, so as to form a surface without a trace. In addition, when constructing the surface, we should choose the appropriate construction method according to the specific situation.Car Covers

     After the outer surface is built, the entity Digital model needs to be constructed. If the model is simpler and the curvature changes little, sew them into a whole, then use the thickening instruction to create the entity. If the outer surface is stitched together into a whole, then the bottom of the car to become a closed piece of the body, thus becoming an entity, but because the curvature of the bottom surface of the car is relatively large changes, often can not achieve the shell order.Car Covers