Ergonomic Principles Of Beach Chair

Beach Chair Plastic Beach Chair is generally used polyethylene production and processing molding, compared to other beach chairs, its price is more affordable, but also the appearance of special fashion, elegance. Plastic strong plasticity, can be processed into different shapes, and color selection is rich, but plastic beach chair is not corrosion-resistant, not wear-resistant, use Soumei relatively short.Beach Chair

 Generally applicable to exhibitions, real estate rest areas, squares, household can also. The wooden beach chair is the most common kind of beach chair, which is used in Sanya resorts and five-star hotels.

Wooden Beach chair is the use of wood raw materials made from processing, solid wood raw materials through a special anti-corrosion treatment, can achieve resistance to termites, insect-eaten effect, and wood after drying treatment, will not easily deformed, particularly durable, can meet the standards of outdoor use. In the appearance, wooden beach chair more quality, with wooden small square table, landscape umbrella, very high-end atmosphere grade, but high-quality Wood beach chair price is also more expensive, and need to maintain later. Generally applicable to high-end hotels and resorts, if the economic conditions are good to consider wood.Beach Chair

Canvas Beach chair is the heart of many young "donkey friends" love, it has a lightweight embodiment and stylish appearance. Can be flexible folding, so it is very convenient to carry, the other canvas beach chairs have a variety of colors can choose, people can according to their preferences to decide. Generally applicable to outdoor camping, rallies, exhibitions, living room seats and so on.Beach Chair

The slope of the beach chair, people sitting upright, the back and level of the angle of the ground should be vertical 90°, but since to relax, this 90 ° natural also early left behind. In fact, people are using outdoor beach chairs more to lean on than to lie there. Therefore, the slope control of the beach chair in the range of 30° to 60° should be the best, and, the beach chair should be adjustable backrest, so that people can according to their own needs to adjust the beach chair, to make themselves more comfortable.Beach Chair