Introduction And Working Principle Of Boat Anchor

     If the ship is moved within a horizontal plane, the anchor will drag the bump on the riverbed to prevent the ship from moving. But there is little effect on the vertical direction of the ship. The big boat anchors the windlass, which is actually the motor rolling up the chain and pulling the anchor vertically. This time the anchor will not seize the riverbed or the seabed, except that its own gravity will not have the rest of the resistance.Boat Anchor
     The working principle of anchor: First of all, the conditions of anchoring, not anywhere can be anchored, the best bottom is the bottom of the gravel, the bottom of the mud, the reef is difficult to break down, it may be difficult to grasp the strength of the poor, it may be difficult to anchor rock stuck. The depth is too deep, for example, in the ocean, 3,000 or 4,000 meters of water depth, can not anchor. (But it can be towed and anchored, this is part of the fight against the great waves of skills, here is not much to say) anchor, not to use too fast speed, to slowly put the anchor down, too fast will lead to anchor and chain is difficult to brake, may damage the anchor machine, and may even have other serious consequences. The anchor first is the bottom of the anchor, and then the anchor is lying down, at which point the tip of the anchor claw will touch the bottom, but not the gravel. The ship will continue to put down a certain length of anchor chain, so that most of the chain is tiled on the bottom. At this point, the back of the motor car, the chain back slightly drag, anchor Claw D in the anchor body gravity and anchor pull the joint action, insert in the sand.Boat Anchor
    At this point, the ship will recover a little anchor chain. Generally, the length of the anchor chain should be 3-5 times the depth of the water. The anchor chain is too long, then the enlarged ship's maneuver range is easy to collide with other anchored vessels. The chain is too short, it is easy to move up the anchor body, so that the anchor loose, lose grip effect. After grasping the ground, the equivalent of a pile of ground, and the anchor chain in the lower, basically only with the bottom of the level of tension, in this angle, the anchor grip is the largest. The general anchors can be secured unless the waves are great.
When the anchor is anchored, the ship forwards the train, while slowly taking back the anchor, near the anchor, pull the chain, at this point the anchor rod a points in the chain of tension will be lifted, the anchor will be the anchor B as the axis, using the principle of leverage to the Anchor claw D from the bottom of the quality, and then the ship continued to take back the chain, until the anchor pulled out of the water.Boat Anchor