Introduction Of Structural Features Of Car Covers

     Automobile cover parts refer to automobile stamping parts, components welded by stamping parts (assembly), body skeleton, various interior parts and so on. The manufacturing quality of the covering parts has great influence on the quality of the whole vehicle, especially for the sedan and all kinds of passenger cars. In the manufacture of the covering, regardless of the complex space geometry of large stamping parts, interior parts, welding parts, etc., or for simple small stamping parts, interior parts, etc., more use of special detection fixture (for short) as the main detection means, to control the product quality between processes.Car Covers

     Inspection fixture detection is rapid, accurate, intuitive, convenient and so on, especially suitable for mass production needs. Since the middle of the 80 's, with the rapid development of car and bus industry, the application of the inspection fixture in the domestic automobile industry has been quite extensive.Car Covers

     The composition and characteristics of the inspection fixture of the covering parts: compared with the machining parts, the detection of automotive panels has the following characteristics: The workpiece shape is often more complex, irregular, positioning, support, clamping more difficult, the workpiece stiffness is generally poor, in the detection process easily due to deformation caused by errors Car Covers

     Generally, the dimension datum of the covering is placed in the body coordinate system, except for some characteristic parts of the workpiece (such as hole, flange, etc.), the distance dimension of the adjacent coordinate line is annotated on the graph, and the size value is not given for most of the contour (especially the free surface).Car Covers

    Automotive panel structure features: Large size. Automobiles are the larger industrial products of consumer goods. The car cover is a part that covers the engine and chassis to form a car body. Therefore, the size of its structural size depends on the size of the body block. From the functional point of view of the overlay itself, the bigger the better. From the perspective of the overall manufacturing process of the body, the bigger the better. Therefore, the size of the covering structure is generally larger.Car Covers

   Sheet thin. In order to reduce the vehicle weight, the panel selection of the panel is relatively thin. Thick is a relative concept. The ratio of the perimeter (m) and the sheet thickness (mm) of the covering is generally above 1.00. The thickness of the covering material is generally between 0.6 mm to 1.2 mm.Car Covers