Principle And Function Of Boat Anchor

     Anchor to work, the most basic condition is to wait at the bottom of the sea hook things. If the chain is not long enough, the anchor will not work. If the seabed is flat, or the anchor hook is not a fixed thing, or the hook is not too strong, if it is calm still can, one but the waves too large, causing the anchor to hook things, will cause the anchor to lose its function, this is called "the Anchor", the ship during the breakdown, the presence of the anchor, is very dangerous, because the ship at anchor when the general host has stopped, if the immediate sailing, it takes time, no power of the ship drifting is very dangerous. Therefore, the anchorage of this concept, Anchorage, the implication, under the seabed is more rough, in addition, to be able to shelter.Boat Anchor
    The weight of the anchor chain is negligible for the ship, and the frictional force will not do much. In addition, if you notice, in general, when the anchor of the ship, the anchor chain is straight, do you think this time the chain will have any friction? If you are at the seaside, you will find a lot of small fishing boats, their chain is thick rope. On the boat, the chain is straight, but under water, there is a stretch of anchor that is close to the seabed (actually the bottom of the sea) and then passed through the anchor to the ship. In order to resist the influence of the external load of the current and wind waves on the positioning, the effect of the force is to be taken into account. Think of it, an anchor, a pull on the anchor chain is easy to walk, and there is a section of the sea floor that can provide a margin within a certain range.Boat Anchor
   The weight of the anchor is not large, but the size of the ship's anchor is specified, which is due to the anchoring can be produced by the force and the factors of its own inertia. The frictional force of the anchor chain is also useful, and the anchorage of the ship is a common method. The process is generally: the ship with anchor chain or anchor cable connected to the ground thrown into the water, and make it in the ground, the anchoring force and the underwater consolidation, the ship firmly in the predetermined position, according to different waters, meteorological conditions and operational requirements, the anchoring method is different, commonly used in the way of the first anchor, the end of anchor and anchor.Boat Anchor
   The bow is anchored, with a single anchor and two anchors. In general, only the single anchor can be tied to the ship, only in a particularly large wind wave and anchorage large and small when the two anchors. When the bow is anchored, the wind, water force and wave impact forces of the hull are the smallest, so this way is the main way of anchoring and anchoring in the bow. Usually very small ships and fishing boats with only one anchor. In addition, any ship with two main anchors on the bow. When the ship is up to a certain extent, the ship should also be set up a standby main anchor, also known as wind-resistant anchor.Boat Anchor