Reliable Problem Of Boat Anchor

The reliability of marine equipment is a critical issue, and vibration, moisture and salt are likely to cause damage to the mechanical and electrical components of marine equipment. Sudden collapse of the system caused by the collapse will lead to huge losses, but also bring high maintenance costs, and a great threat to security. In order to ensure the trouble-free operation of marine equipment, the need to select the system components and materials in accordance with the special requirements.Boat Anchor

Although the standard for the application of ships is very strict, it is not an obstacle to it. Inverter products load capacity and shock performance are in line with the requirements of the application of the ship, another major advantage is that all inverter products are used fire and corrosion protection cable. Now, the total number of inverters used in marine equipment is more than 4000, of which about 2500 are used on wind turbines, and about 1000 are used on winchs. Other applications include cargo ship material pumps, compressors, main propellers and rudder propellers.Boat Anchor

In the field of marine performance, including some of the most modern and most luxurious cruise ships! In such a ship on the use of the inverter more than 250}, as well as fast ferry, cable boat, coastal boat and fishing boats, mentioned here only A small portion of all applications. Relying on experienced team of experts, rich professional skills and field experience, combined with the world's leading system integrators and OEM manufacturers to further improve its ship application of the transmission concept to ensure that through the most simple planning and The optimized technology is done every time the project is installed. The ship application solution contains a range of air-cooled and water-cooled standard frequency converters, all of which comply with all types of marine standards and are shipped with a test report.Boat Anchor