Technical Description Of Car Covers

     Finite element analysis of automobile panel forming process with nonlinear theory, with the rapid development of finite element method and computer technology, the numerical simulation technology of sheet metal stamping forming, which integrates computer graphics, numerical calculation method and plastic forming theory, is gradually moving towards industrial practical stage, which becomes a powerful tool for automobile manufacturer to shorten the development cycle and reduce the production cost. Has formed the commercialization of sheet metal stamping forming numerical simulation software are: Pam-stamp, Dnaform, AUTO: Form and so on. Car Covers
     These software have a complete front and rear processing program, can visually display material deformation, flow of detailed process, understanding of the material stress, strain distribution and wrinkling, rupture of the formation of the past, and finally to obtain the required load and parts of the Kongxiu edge Springback.Car Covers
     The process of the drawing piece is the first problem to be considered in the stamping process of the panel, only a reasonable and good tensile piece can be designed to ensure that the tensile process does not wrinkle, crack or wrinkle less and crack less. In the design of drawing parts, not only the punching direction, the stamping position, the shape of the pressing surface, the shape and configuration of the tensile rib, the complementary part of the process and so on can be considered, but also the design of the process complement and the correct determination of the pressure material surface. Each variable design has a complementary relationship, how to coordinate the relationship between the variables. is the key to forming technology, in order not only to meet the process of stretching, but also to meet the process of stamping die design and manufacturing process needs, and to the next melt edge, flanging process to create favorable conditions, generally should pay attention to the following aspects.Car Covers
    The design should be based on the location of the trimming line to determine the size of the complementary parts of the process, especially the concave-die R corner, because the concave die fillet part of the resistance to the elongation of the material into the impact of a large, directly related to the wrinkling or cracking, so the value to be reasonable. The concave die fillet radius of the process supplementary part is generally taken 8-10mm, in the condition of being able to pull out the satisfactory drawing parts, minimizing the process supplementary part, but also intentionally adding the process supplement (such as Groove, chute, convex rib, etc.) when necessary.Car Covers
    If, after careful analysis of the design of the drawing piece, it has been taken into account that a certain part (the sharp part of the shape changes) is stretched with excess metal, the material is easy to flow, may produce wrinkles, then the craft personnel will intentionally in this part of the craft add the groove or the convex rib and so on, causes the extra metal in the stretching process to be in the concave mold or the convex rib, fully absorbs the superfluous material, causes the stretching not to wrinkle easily. At the same time to add concave save to take into account the trimming is easy to remove, this method can be effective in the lifting of the tension wrinkle problem.Car Covers