Technical Feature Classification Of Car Covers

      The automobile cover (hereinafter referred to as the covering) refers to the heterogeneous surface and internal parts made of a thin metal sheet consisting of a car body or a cab, a cover engine and a chassis. The front panel and body of the sedan, the front plate and the cab of the truck are all made up of the covering parts and the general stamping parts.Car Covers

      The Panel assembly is composed of all exterior and interior shapes of the body or cab, which is both a decorative part and a closed thin shell-shaped force part. The manufacture of the covering parts is the key link of the automobile body manufacture.Car Covers

      According to the technical characteristics of the following classification: symmetrical to a plane of the covering. such as engine cover, front panel, rear panel, radiator cover and water tank cover, etc. This kind of covering can be divided into deep and shallow concave curved shape, the depth of uniform shape is more complex, depth difference large shape complex and depth of several. Asymmetrical covering. such as inside and outside of the door, fender, side panels, etc. Car Covers

     These types of covering can be divided into shallow depth, relatively flat, deep and even complex shape and depth of several. Can be a double stamping covering. The so-called double stamping refers to both the left and right parts of a convenient forming of a closed piece, also refers to the cut into two pieces of the semi-closed type of cover. An overlay with a flange plane. such as the door inner plate, the flange surface can be directly selected as the pressure material surface. Pressure-bending forming of the covering.Car Covers

     Compared with the same stamping parts, the panel has the characteristics of thin material, complex shape, large size and high surface quality requirements. The process design, the die structure design and the stamping die manufacturing process of the covering parts are special. Therefore, in practice, the panel is often separated from the general stamping parts, as a special category to be studied and analyzed.Car Covers