Tensile Wrinkling Cracking Analysis Of Car Covers

                   The automobile body shape is made up of many contour size and has the space curved surface shape the covering piece welding, therefore has the high request to the size accuracy and the surface quality of the covering piece. Body covering parts require smooth surface, clear line, do not promise wrinkles, scratches, nap and other surface defects, in addition to the need for adequate rigidity and dimensional stability. The quality of the body surface depends on the tensile result of the covering parts, and the die is the key to pull out the qualified covering. Due to the influence of the tensile quality of the cable mainly wrinkling, cracking, nap and rebound, so from the preparation of stamping process to die design must be seriously considered. The die is finished, in the process of drawing die debugging, the wrinkling and cracking of the tensile parts must be carefully analyzed and studied, and the corresponding measures taken.Car Covers

                   There are many reasons for wrinkling and cracking in tensile process, the main reasons are as follows: (1) whether the design process of drawing die is fair. (2) Mold processing quality (surface accuracy, hardness, etc.) caused by the topic. (3) The precision of the press (sliding block parallelism, etc.). (4) The quality of the sheet material (thickness is very bad).Car Covers

                   The process of the drawing piece is the first problem to be considered in the stamping process of the panel, only a fair and good tensile piece can be designed to ensure that the stretching process does not wrinkle, crack or wrinkle less and crack less. In the design of tensile parts, not only to consider the punching direction, stamping position, the shape of the press surface, the shape and configuration of the tensile tendons, the design of the complementary parts of the process, but also to increase the process complement reasonably, the correct determination of the pressure material surface. Each variable design has a complementary relationship, how to coordinate the relationship between the variables. is the key to forming technology, in order not only to meet the process of stretching, but also to meet the process of stamping die design and manufacturing process needs, and to the next side of the melting edge, flanging process to create favorable conditions, generally should pay attention to the following aspects.Car Covers