The Boat Cover Takes You Through The Salvage Technology.

Salvage operation is a comprehensive technique, which involves the application of a series of complex processes such as surveying, diving, underwater removal of mud, bottom cable, underwater sealing, underwater cutting, underwater blasting and underwater welding. In the long run, China has developed new equipment, such as multi pipe type underwater tapping device, which improves the efficiency and security.Boat Cover

The method of salvage of sunken ship mainly includes the sealing cabin pumping and salvage method, the buoy salvage method, the ship carry out the salvage method, the Foamed plastics salvage method, the Cofferdam salvage method, the inflatable draining water salvage method and so on, may use separately, may also synthesize uses.Boat Cover 

Sometimes, also carries on the salvage cargo only, does not salvage the sunken ship the operation, for example in the deep water (like 200 meters) to salvage the bulk tin ingot and so on goods, may use in the submersible, uses the grab bucket to place the dynamite, the sunken ship's deck, the hatch cover, then uses grabs the When you salvage valuable goods, only one diver's safe passage is opened.Boat Cover

Sealed cabin pumping and salvage method to the wreck of the hole and hatch plugging, installed on the surface of the trachea, out of the sunken ship water, so that the sunken ship, the law has been used in a large number of years. If the sunken ship deck is very close to the surface, it can also be used without plugging the hatch and exposing the hatch to the water. This law requires strict sealing, sometimes more difficult, in the stormy sea area is more difficult, so gradually replaced by other salvage law.Boat Cover

If the water depth is larger, can be another in the wreck at the end of each place a control buoy, first floating one end, and then up the other end, to both ends of the control buoys are exposed to the surface, and then the half floating state of the sunken ship dragged to shallow waters. This method is called buoy Progressive salvage method. can also be placed on the ship's bow and aft of each layer or several layers of control buoys, so that the control buoys in turn to the first and last, the sunken ship in situ rise in the glyph, this method is called the line salvage method.Boat Cover

Use a barge or a ship capable of producing a larger lifting force as a salvage engineering ship to lift the wreck. In the salvage engineering ship, a number of units are arranged, the steel cables under the sliding units are picked up, and the cables in the bottom of the sunken ship are received, to ascend the sunken vessel, until the wreck deck or hatch is exposed, and the water in the sunken ship is drained, or the wreck is elevated to a certain Boat Cover