The Classical Interpretation Of Boat Anchor

                Fanzhou the wind is difficult to park, then the whole body is tied to the anchor. Warships, ships have a heavy thousand June, hammer method first into four claws, the next section of the body. Its 300 catties, with diameter ruler wide anvil, settling furnace side, when the two ends are red, lift to furnace charcoal, iron bag stick clip on anvil. If the inside and outside the man is a wooden shed, many people stand on its chain. Two bolt body, the end all with a giant iron ring chain, lifting transition, Force (1) hammer. The medicine does not need the yellow mud, first takes the Chenjubitu sieve fine, one person frequency scatters the interface, the muddy side does not have the micro loopholes (2). The most massive of these is the one that covers the Furnace hammer. From "Heavenly Creation.Hammer Forging.Boat Anchor

                Every time a ship sails for a strong wind to dock, its safety rests entirely on the anchor. The anchors of warships or ships, some weighing tens of thousands of pounds. Its forging method is to hammer four of iron claws first, then the iron claws are connected to the anchor. 300 pounds within the anchor, you can first in the furnace next to a a-foot diameter of the anvil, when the forging of the interface at both ends have been burned red, and then lifted to the furnace charcoal, with the iron sheet of the end of the stick to clip them to the anvil on the hammer.Boat Anchor

                If the anchor is about 1000 pounds, it is necessary to build a wooden shed, so that many people are standing in the shed, holding the chain, the other end of the chain to cover the anchor body at both ends of the big hoop, the anchor hanging up and the need to make it turn, the crowd together to the anchor of the four Iron Claw hammer together. The "drug" used for iron is not yellow mud, and with the sieve of the old wall mud powder, by a of people will it continue to sprinkle on the interface, together with iron Hammer, so that the interface will not have a micro-gap. In the work of the Furnace Hammer, the anchor is the biggest forging object.Boat Anchor