The Ergonomic Design Of The Beach Chair Design

The height of the chair chair can be chosen for a man with a handrail or a chair with a lower handrail. The back is completely on the back of the chair can be more comfortable, then in this respect we may have to consider the height of the back of the chair.Beach Chair

The local shape and scale of the chair have a great influence on the use. The height of the backrest and the handrail. From the characteristics of human anatomy to consider, the human buttocks muscles thick and solid, is one of the most tolerable parts of the human body. So the appropriate seat should be designed so that the upper body of the center of gravity on the buttocks on the bones. Sitting too high to sit too high so that the legs are vacant, not only the leg muscles under pressure, and the legs, lower legs and back muscles were pulled state, it will not take long to fatigue.Beach Chair

Sitting too low when the sitting too low to the knee or less than 90 ° when the body pressure over the concentration of abdominal muscle compression can not guarantee the waist of the waist of the callus of the appropriate state, affecting the back muscles, increased back muscles Load time, will cause pain and discomfort lead to fatigue. The width of the sitting surface refers to the width of the front surface of the sitting surface. The width of the sitting surface is too narrow. In addition to being able to use it properly, the muscles on both sides of the body will feel squeezed. The width of the sitting surface is too wide Must stretch out, so that the latissimus dorsi and shoulder deltoid muscle tendon tissue was stretched. Both of which are prone to fatigue.Beach Chair

Backrest length dynamic range of motion is large, can not be back; static work and dynamic rest to get the appropriate support without prejudice to work and activities is appropriate, backrest height can be lower by the first, two lumbar spine began to increase, Scapula, neck; and static rest can require the length of the backrest to support the head.Beach Chair