The Size Of Beach Chair And Chairs And How To Choose

              1, iron woven rattan beach chair size is 180*77*76cm (long * wide * high). Features are very cool, comfortable, this kind of beach chair is not so convenient to carry, very suitable for resting in the courtyard. 2, solid Wood Beach chair, its size is 200*60*32cm. This kind of solid wood beach chair health and environmental protection, very suitable for family outdoor, villas, hotels, resorts, western restaurants, outdoor leisure areas, the company's rest area. 3, Folding Beach chair is more convenient to carry, only about 6 kg, bearing 125 kg. Open Dimensions: 108*61*86cm, Collected Size: 130*61*13cm. 4, the Chaise wicker Chair Beach, its internal size: 130*48*40cm, external size: 180*60*90cm. This kind of beach chair is also not very convenient to carry, but in the outdoors, lying on top of it is not amorous feelings oh.Beach Chair

              1, the height of the recliner, the height of the recliner depends on the height of the chair, in addition to the bar chair, the general height of the chair is according to the ergonomic design, but the height of children's furniture is based on the child's height ratio design.Beach Chair

              2, the depth of the beach chair, in the formal occasions, because the polite people sitting very upright, can only do one-third parts of the chair. However, in the leisure time, people like the whole body lying on the chair, feeling the comfort of the chair in all directions.Beach Chair

              3, recliner chair back height, for sitting upright person can choose no armrest chair or Lower armrest chair. It's better to be comfortable on the back of the chair, so we may have to consider the height of the back.

              4. For armchair chairs with handrails, the height of handrails must be considered when designing. The height of the armrest is proportional to the height of the backrest and cannot be too high or too low. A move in 20 to 25 centimeters is advisable.

              5, the beach Chair line and human contact is comfortable, cushion softness is appropriate, if not additional cushion, cushion chair, directly look at the structure of the recliner is healthy, whether the line is smooth, try to lie whether the feeling of physical and mental comfort.Beach Chair

              6, the stability of the Chair, not only to talk about the couch, all chairs must consider the stability, we can from the details of the chair everywhere, riveting and so on to see the stability of the whole chair, of course, the best way is to shake a shake, feel the chair itself is shaking, the structure is stable and reasonable.Beach Chair